About Blend Eventlife

This is the essence that encapsulates our innovative experience company.

Founded in 2003, BLEND Eventlife set out to be the best in events in Cape Town, over the years we have refined this and slowly moved North through sub-Saharan Africa, as far as Lagos Nigeria. Global clients want more traction with their target audience in Africa and BLEND has become the bridge between them.

Over the years our focus has changed to the experience. Founding MD, Ian Ashforth always asks at the onset of a project, ”Will this experience stay with the guests? Will this resonate with the guests?”

Each project, be it a one-day event, multi-stage national roll out or an International project, requires precision. We need your guests consumed by the campaign.

Your message is our goal.

Consumers, clients, employees and potential clientele. That’s what it’s all about.

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Are you ready to work with us and create an everlasting experience at your next event?